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country=USA / 2017 / Brief=Alexandria, Jake, Caitlin and Veronica, ages 5 to 15, want to change the conversation. They reveal in their own words what it's like to deal with the literal ups and downs of a challenged life. In this intimate verité documentary, four charismatic kids strive for acceptance in a world that is often, at best, indifferent to them. Their exceptional parents search out programs where their children are accepted and feel valued, from clinical services to adaptive skiing. We first meet them all in a unique after-school dance program in Queens, New York. With a diverse group of dedicated teenage volunteers - outstanding citizens in a world where the impulse to exclude, bully or ignore is too often the norm - dancers and helpers work together for a year toward a jubilant spring recital. Thanks to the joy they find in working together, dancers and helpers emerge as eloquent, energized voices for inclusion

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Directed by Catherine Tambini. Exceptional children who want to dance teach us about perseverance, inclusion, and self-acceptance in a world often blind to their very existence. Perfectly Normal in hind.i dubbed hd Download Perfectly Normal Torrent Watch Online Youtube movie trailer.

Perfectly Normal for Me (2017.


Perfectly Normal Through music and relationships, a man with Asperger's syndrome finds another way to be "normal. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of music and movies, and a strikingly clever.



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