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  1. USA
  2. actor - Josh Hutcherson
  3. Thriller
  4. average Rating - 6,1 / 10
  5. directed by - Dan Bradley

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1:55 Was hätten da die Vietnamesen sagen sollen. fuck logic. OMG!Zac so beautiful!Love You. Trailer sieht doch geil aus. My heart was broken when they left daniel On strange place i was crying for angel Daniel it was a small character but touched my heart daniel ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Clearly fake No Soviet Earrape 0/10. I'm just waiting for David to shoot Josh with the paintball gun outta nowhere😂. I want 2 ' F' Cahnning Tatum. Finally, the bad-ass movie trailer i've been waiting for. Esta pelicula la pasaron hace 2 meses y sinseramente me gusto pero lastima k fue un fracaso en takillas xk al tener un final avierto abria la posivilidad de una secuela.

Kim Jong Uns feuchter Traum. This movie was excellent. I give it 4 stars. It keeps you watching for some reason. The actors in it were so darn good at their portrayals. Cool RPG. when fired it drags a cable with it lol. So this is what happens when you take vodka away from the soviets...

1:18 - I don't wanna go, I don't wanna go. please

0:54 ❤ WE FOUND LOVE ❤ Perfect combination

Ignore the bad reviews and watch the movie. It is a great one. I think the reason why some people didn't like the movie is because of the shock value that is in it (and the shock value isn't horrid. I do not know what people were expecting but the movie is AWESOME with some unexpected twists. WATCH IT! It is probably underrated because there wasn't much buzz around it which sucks but anyways, watch it.

This movie was action packed and fun to watch, can't believe I didn't watch it sooner. Es ist ein film. muss nicht immer realistisch und glaubwürdig sein. ein film soll leute unterhalten und das tut er. Avatar ist auch nicht realistisch und doch hat er Millionen eingebracht.

The only way to understand: Is to imagine yourself in that situation

This tragic movie made me feel like them

YOU'RE AN IDIOT! ENOUGH SAID INDEED. I loved this movie 😘.

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Red Dawn
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