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Man Behind the Curtain



@WallaceFord0320 scared me too., I wouldn't watch it today and I'm 43,lol. You know it just hit me The wizard of Oz is supposed to be the good person in this story Hes a symbol of hope And the wicked witch of the west is bad Wizard good Witch bad Man good Women bad And because of that I have now ruined the wizard of Oz for feminists By exposing the fact that its implying that women are evil I thank you kindly for your time. @bigbadbang18 It was absolutely glorious. Gravy disaster oh no jason, but this was good and i liked the content. very bistro bistro, still can happen. you can bistro. Thank you skate for introducing me to another awesome band! The main reason I play skating games is for the sound tracks.

I'm going too! It's going to be an AMAZING concert dude. Religion in a nutshell. The First Doctor. You put the dim in dimlivin, I see. Dimwitted, more like it. @bigbadbang18 AND BARONESS. m. One of the most wonderful scenes in all of cinema. It is quintessentially American. Thank you for posting it. The donald... Seriously guys, this is a recipe presentation. The plating is up to you.


Charley - Have you seen the Wizard of Oz. I love these guys and yes if u go see these guys live this is exactly how their live shows r... I feel that the yellow brick road is actually your dreams. Follow your dreams. Please. What is the song. This is a? great video. 0:40 Apparently, that motto inspired Trixie to become great and powerful as well.



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