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Directed by=Agnieszka Zwiefka; Writer=Agnieszka Zwiefka; Germany, Poland; stars=Denisa Gabor; Release Date=2014

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The Queen of Silence directors Agnieszka Zwiefka



Been watching this video many times. now Goosebumps still here in my veins... Who else sort of died at his voice in the beginning. Listening to this on Christmas, a great song indeed. Beautiful song, and the vocalist has a beautiful voice. He sounds like the late Greg Lake. The innocence of a child is a very precious thing. Probably there lost when they leave. Everytime I hear cancer I think of my grandma who sadly passed last year 😢 I'll be there soon though so thankfully I can die and see her again... This reminds me of paradise by Bruce Springsteen... And echoed in the wells of silence.

When she's been bitching at you for the last five minutes, and you think it's finally over after a long spell of silence. then she inhales 1:09. This song and his voice always make me wanna cry. Have they tried to reintroduce the honey bee?Just curious to know if they tried. People writing songs that voices never share. Narrow streets of cobblestone. A mais linda versão desta música, vozes maravilhosas e lindas de todos.

What a range has his voice.


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