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Dan Stevens is so handsome, I'm seeing it solely just to stare at him. is GOOD LOOKING. This movie need a 2nd part, because was amazing. Omg I thought this was going to be a remake. I was about to go keyboard warrior on Sony. This is how the trailer should be done, a lot of mysteries. Tira a roupa para mim, que eu te arazo toda amor!kkkk. Did anyone else think he looked like Calvin Harris. Maing dengang menangtu. Still my favourite film of all time, ever. I still well-up when I see the alien. So beautiful, so intelligent, so knowing, kind, understanding. He still looks wonderful, even after all these years of having cgi in films. Never re-make this film.

Kayai aran. Amazing soundtrack. Storyline was hard to believe at times. Overall a decent film. David knocking at john kramer house. John kramer : Who's there? David : i am david & your new guest. John kramer : welcome david, But i want to play a game. For a second there I thought Sony was about to Butcher another classic film, like they did with Ghostbusters and Jumanji. When i read the title and saw it was a NEW trailer, i was scared out of my mind that they wanted to remake another great film. i never been so happy to be click baited in my life, but don't you ever do that again Sony. next time an old/ great movie is going to be re-released just say that.

Spielberg is my favorite director, and this film is great up till the end when a father leaves his wife and children behind to join some aliens. Fubar. Thank You pirate bay top 100. I would of never know of this epic movie if it wasnt for u guys. They should do a part 2, or a prequel that explains everything... Damm! For a second I thought it's being filmed again.

They need to drop part 2 since he never died

I can't believe it has been like 4 years since I watched the original one. I first saw this movie like a year ago and for some reason I just keep coming back to it. probably one of my favorite movies. Good video. There are two potentially perfect movies, if only the existing material was used to perfection: 1) Close Encounters: All those early scenes building up Richard Dreyfuss's character - and overall tension towards the FIRST encounter. 2) Ripley finds Dallas and Brett at their cocoon-state.



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