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2015. duration: 68 M. 8,4 of 10. George Kunhardt. Living with Lincoln is a TV movie starring Peter W. Kunhardt and Dossy Peabody. A collection of Abraham Lincoln photos and memorabilia profoundly shapes the lives of one family

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He litterally just said that because the O is slanted it's 's it... C5 bbycie z lincolnem free driver. April 13, 2015 / 6:00 AM / CBS News Members of the Kunhardt family say they've had both a glorious burden and a wonderful opportunity in their lives. The reason? Abraham Lincoln. Since 1897, the Kunhardts have had a treasure trove of photographs, rare books and other artifacts relating to the 16th president of the United States. Five generations have carried on the work, helping to preserve and document the archive. It's a large part of the family's identity, they say. "I don't have a memory when it wasn't part of my life, " Peter Kunhardt told CBS News. "When I was a little boy I was packing it up and moving it from one warehouse to another. I was helping catalog it. The collection was always this presence that was part of my life. " "Living with Lincoln": One family's quest 13 photos Beginning with great-grandfather Frederick Hill Meserve (1865-1962), Kunhardt's family has collected photographs that might have been lost forever, including now-iconic portraits used on the penny, the five dollar bill and the likeness used on Mount Rushmore. With the help of Frederick Hill's daughter, Dorothy Meserve Kunhardt (1900-1978), the collection contains more than 73, 000 items, including 57, 000 photographic prints, as well as thousands of books, pamphlets, maps and theater broadsides. "My great-grandfather was the first collector of Lincoln photography, " said Kundhart. "He did it to illustrate his father's Civil War diary. His father was a Union officer, and my great-grandfather collected to bring it to life. And he stumbled on seven Lincoln negatives, which started him out on a quest to find all the pictures of Lincoln. " The story of that quest is told in "Living with Lincoln, " a new documentary premiering Monday at 9 p. m. ET on HBO to coincide with the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's assassination. Kunhardt, who's also the filmmaker behind documentaries "In Memoriam: New York City, 9/11/01, " "Bobby Kennedy: In His Own Words" and "Nixon By Nixon: In His Own Words, " produced this new film alongside his sons, Teddy and George Kundhardt. Through photos, home movies and the words of Kunhardt's ancestors (voiced by living relatives), the documentary profiles family members who have maintained the archive all these years. One piece from the collection, for example, is a glass negative of Lincoln and his son, Tad, a significant part of the overall archive. "Lincoln came to the White House in 1861, and the following year his middle child, Willie, died while he was in the White House. Lincoln was devastated, " said Kunhardt. "He then recommitted himself to his younger son, Tad, and took Tad was essentially the spoiled brat of the White House. He drove everyone else crazy, but he could do no wrong in Lincoln's eyes. And one day when Lincoln was being photographed, he brought Tad with him, pulled out an album and the two of them looked at it. And it became the iconic image of Lincoln. That picture, after Lincoln's death, was reproduced everywhere and became the symbolic emotional of Lincoln. " Another stand-out is Mathew Brady's "Cooper Union" portrait, shot in New York. "Lincoln always said that Brady's image of him was responsible for getting him elected. Brady did a lot of retouching. He made him look even better than he can look on his good days, " said Kunhardt. Now with the 150th anniversary on his death -- on April 15 -- Lincoln is once again top of mind for scholars and enthusiasts alike. "The subject of Abraham Lincoln is probably the greatest subject for American historical scholarship. You just can dig deeper. It's like an onion. You can just keep peeling back layer after layer, " said Kunhardt. Meanwhile, the Kunhardt's Lincoln memorabilia, which has been stored in family attics and basements over the years, is about to make a big move. It was just announced that Yale University's Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library has acquired the collection, which will soon be on display for students, faculty and the general public. "For the first time ever it will really have the proper preservation requirements to make sure these pictures last for another 200 also be wildly accessible, " said Kunhardt. Without all those boxes, life will be different around the Kunhardt household. "We have no idea who we will be, " said Kunhardt. Check out the video above for more on "Living with Lincoln" -- and to see a photograph from Lincoln's second inauguration, which shows John Wilkes Booth, Lincoln's eventual assassin, in the crowd.

People really do not understand how business works, if it might be worth 150k at the right auction, 100k cash is a very reasonable offer. If the guy thought he could get more for it without doing a lot of work, he wouldn't have sold it... I would have took it and laughed in his face and took it to an auction definitely would have made more money at an auction. We always have food and we will always take them back in u just donthear that too often, do you. Just for his laugh I would have changed my mind on the deal. 16 customer reviews There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. June 2, 2018 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase It's hard to describe this. If the Lincoln aspect was missing it would be a tribute to a woman whose accomplishments are enough to warrant attention and admiration. There's a melancholy tone that arises from the unfulfilled projects that both father and daughter began. I wanted to say to her, "But look at what you HAVE done. " One of the great 'what ifs' of history is how things would have played out had Lincoln lived. There is a similar feeling that you get when you think of what would have been the lives of these people if they were not tangled in the Lincoln collection. And consider what we would have lost if they had not amassed and cared for it those many years in spite of the unhappiness it brought. May 28, 2018 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase At best, this is a self-indulgent family album passed off as a documentary. At worst, this is a thinly veiled advertisement for the sale of the Meserve-Kunhardt Collection, which was purchased by Yale University from the filmmaker around the time of the film's appearance on HBO. The promotional value to the filmmaker and his customer should be noted at the very beginning, as it taints every other claim he makes about his family. This film has very little to do with Abraham Lincoln. I don't think it's a spoiler alert to point out that the Kunhardt family is not related to him. Not surprisingly, it was produced, written, directed, and starred in by the same family. Don't know why anyone would watch, unless the audience is the same. June 18, 2018 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase I found this very informative and engrossing. I have to admit that Lincoln holds no interest for me but after watching this I have a new found attitude regarding his history. It was confusing though as it seemed to be more about the granddaughter than about the family. She was a very interesting person and feel that her life would have been more fitting as the whole subject of the film, (which it turned into) then about the collection itself. Stunning photos and details from the collection, would have loved to read the book she had planned for lincolns sons point of view. September 30, 2019 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase Excellent series on Lincoln, with plenty of tidbits I did not know. A must see. February 12, 2017 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase Great for American history - Civil War and Presidential history Buffs. The story of a family with so many mementos about Lincoln is interesting. HBO Documentaries never disappoint. January 11, 2017 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase Whoa, who has not read "Pat the Bunny" or bought it as a shower present? Add in family eccentricity and Lincoln. What's not to like about this quirky but interesting story. December 31, 2016 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase Mesmerizing, haunting and utterly fascinating, this phenomenal documentary is a triumph. December 9, 2016 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase Excellent, highly recommend! There are 16 customer reviews and 17 customer ratings.

Just show's how human he was. Love you always President Lincoln. Wish you were here today. Awesome documentary. WHAT! SOMEONE ACTUALLY GOT WHAT HE WAS ASKING FOR. Życie z Lincolnem free online. This family is 100% dedicated to each other and I absolutely admire them. Published 12:26 a. m. ET April 11, 2015 CLOSE Peter Kunhardt, the producer and director and his producer sons Teddy and George, have created a documentary film called, "Living with Lincoln" from photos and memorabilia from their family collections. (Video by Mark Vergari/The Journal News) WHITE PLAINS, N. Y. — Five score and 18 years ago, Peter Kunhardt's great-grandfather began collecting photographs of Abraham Lincoln. Frederick Hill Meserve was the son of Civil War veteran William Neal Meserve, who fought for the Union Army and was wounded twice at Antietam. Years after the war, Frederick started collecting battlefield photos and pictures of prominent figures, including Lincoln, to use as illustrations for his father's diary. What began as a way to reconnect with his father turned into a lifelong calling, and Frederick Meserve became the foremost collector of Lincoln photographs and memorabilia in the country. His obsession with all things Lincoln was passed on to his daughter, Dorothy Meserve Kunhardt, and evolved into something of a cottage industry for the family. Five generations later, "the collection, " as the Kunhardts call it, is the focal point of Living With Lincoln, a documentary premiering Monday on HBO. "Everybody collects things, " said five-time Emmy Award-winner Peter Kunhardt, who directed the film and serves as narrator. He's also Dorothy's grandson. "In my family, they happened to collect Lincoln things, " he said. "They never threw anything out, and each generation continued. It's why our house was overflowing with this material. " That material provided the Lincoln images used for the penny, the $5 bill and even Mount Rushmore. Produced by two of his sons, Teddy and George, the film intertwines Lincoln history with Kunhardt family lore. Using home movies, photos, diaries, notebooks and the words of long gone relatives voiced by their descendants, Living With Lincoln gives viewers a different, human look at the iconic president. "Growing up with all of this material, I think we all relate to him differently than most people do, " Teddy Kunhardt said. "You go to the Lincoln Memorial and he's this huge, God-like figure. "But the reality is, he was just like us. He was a normal human being, and we're hoping this film will allow others to see him this way. " The film also chronicles the toll "the glorious burden" of preserving, maintaining and documenting the archive has taken on various Kunhardts through the decades. A few suffered from lung disease caused by being cooped up in a hoarder's delight of damp, dusty rooms filled floor to ceiling with old documents. Dorothy "Dot" Kunhardt was so obsessed that, on trips to Lincoln's home in Springfield, Ill., she gathered spoonfuls of dirt from places she thought he may have walked on. She tracked down old men and women who were children when the Lincolns were their neighbors, even finding the family that adopted the Lincolns' dog. Despite crippling bouts of depression, Dot Kunhardt was a noted Lincoln author and scholar, but was probably better known for writing Pat the Bunny and other children's books to bring much-needed income to the family. The film is very much a Westchester County project — it was filmed mostly in the attic of Peter Kunhardt's Chappaqua home. Oscar/Grammy/Tony award-winning composer Alan Menken, a New Rochelle native, wrote the major musical themes. The voiceover work was done at the Kessler Media studio in Katonah. George Kunhart said that convincing his father to narrate the film turned out to be one of the biggest challenges in the two-year project, which premiers the day before the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's assassination. "Dad's a quiet, workaholic type, but we wanted this to be personal, so we we didn't let up until he agreed, " he said. "I think it made a real difference. " While they're excited and a little nervous about the HBO premier, the Kunhardts are also dealing with the almost cathartic realization that the collection — all 73, 000 items — will soon be removed from their Pleasantville offices. Earlier this month, it was announced the collection had been sold to Yale University's Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library for an undisclosed price. "It was a very difficult decision, " Peter Kunhardt said, "particularly for me and my brother, Philip. The collection has been a big part of our lives for 60 years. " The family will always have access to the material, and Teddy Kunhardt vows that at least one more film will be made from it. "We realized that it's time, " he said. "Now the collection will be accessible to the public. That made the decision a lot easier. " What's in the collection? Here's a sample of some of the items in the Meserve-Kunhardt Foundation collection: 1. Lincoln's life mask 2. A lock of Lincoln's hair 3. A photograph of Lincoln's dog, Fido 4. Portraits of Lincoln's three sons 5. Civil War battle maps 6. Dried flowers from the Gettysburg battlefield 7. An Imperial Print of Lincoln before his Gettysburg Address 8. A photograph of assassin John Wilkes Booth at Lincoln's second inauguration Read or Share this story:.

I watch this once a year. I love this so so much. Abraham Lincoln is the best. He kills a lot of vampires in his time. He is a vampire hunter. C5 bycie z lincolna free review. 23:15. 23:45. can anyone tell me where you can find such. WOW! that signature is nice. Życie z Lincolnem free. A beautiful life these folks have, it reminds me of when I was young in the 60's, same problems, same thoughts, no money hardly, worked since 14 but life changes when one gets it when ya aren't sorry. Navy changed my life at 18. Admire this family's togetherness through tough times and good times. Bless them.🙏🏾👍🏽👍🏽.

C5 bbycie z lincolnem free coupe. Editorial Reviews Living with Lincoln chronicles how five generations of one American family have shared the "glorious burden" of collecting, preserving and documenting a treasure trove of photographs, rare books and artifacts relating to Abraham Lincoln. In the years following the Civil War, Peter Kunhardt's ancestors – in particular, his great- grandfather, Frederick Hill Meserve – collected photographs that might have been lost forever, including now-iconic portraits used on the penny, the 5 dollar bill, and even the image of Lincoln used to create his likeness on Mount Rushmore. Through photos, home movies and the words of Peter's ancestors (voiced by several of his living relatives), the film profiles several key family members whose stewardship of the Lincoln collection became an obsession, including Peter's grandmother, Dorothy Kunhardt, author of the classic children's book Pat the Bunny, and his father, Philip Kunhardt, Jr., a former managing editor of Life magazine. Juxtaposing the challenges and humanity of the Lincoln revealed in the Meserve-Kunhardt Collection with those of his ancestors, Kunhardt sheds light on the rewards and, in some cases, pitfalls involved in helping to preserve an important part of America's past.

Had several of those as a kid from my great grandpa, I used them with clothes pins on my bike spokes. I used some little BB cards on the back, mostly all crisp Honus Wagner as I recall. Wow rick actually offerd the guy his asking price😂. He always looked old. Living with Lincoln Online watch Living with Lincoln online putlocker. Living with Lincoln without sign up Watch Full Living with Lincoln.

Iree was so beautiful in every way possible. I truly admire her. I don't understand how anyone could watch this and say they were poor representation of the area. You make me proud to be from KY. I think Iree worked harder in her old age than most of the newer generation ever will. I like how Rick laughs at his own jokes all the time Borat: not. C5 bycie z lincolna free download. C5 bbycie z lincolnem free sport. I loved this documentary. They should make it into a movie. People would love to know the real Lincoln.

I grew up in eastern Oklahoma and I see similarities with my family ! I have seen my mom ring chicken necks and we had a wringer washer and had the clothes strung up all across the back yard ! I am 50 and work in home health there are people all over who share lives similar. Just reading all these comments spurred by this documentary, I don't know if anything has healed. People just can't stop hating.

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Rick be havin seizures when he ain't rippin ppl off lmao. Lincoln did suffer from depression. His wife, of course was no help, she was neurotic. Watch Living with full movie watch online. Living"with"Lincoln"ONLINE"HINDI"FILM"LIVE"STEAMING. C5 bbycie z lincolnem free black. Lincoln himself could be standing in front of Rick and he would still give him a history lesson. C5 bbycie z lincolnem free price. C5 bbycie z lincolnem free back.

Stop spying on me. Życie z Lincolnem free download. C5 bbycie z lincolnem free engine. I'm in the process of moving to a place like this. My family has had this place for a few generations and now it's my turn to get back to the woods. I can't wait 😍.

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This is one of the top five coolest items ever shown on this show. C5 bycie z lincolna free live. Życie z Lincolnem free software. I love it when story tales from text books come to light.



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