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Directed by - Anne Barth
Genres - Documentary

Last Update: Saturday, 04-Jan-20 19:05:16 UTC

L'arbre de l'enfance Documentary genre









Un monde perdu par l'homme,sans penser à l'avenir de nos enfants. This is EPIC! I can't even begin to tell people how excited I am for this film next year. When the orchestral 'Reflection' kicks in. I get goosebumps. Roll on March 27th. I'm literally crying while watching the whole trailer. STFU MULAANN😣😭.


Dammit all to hell, as much I don't want to like it. I kinda do. They better play you've lost that love and feeling, I based my whole wedding around that, and my brother, and my cousin. This just like any ordinary trailer until that reflection theme come out and now hand me that kleenex. Who else teared up when Reflection started playing.




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