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Thank you yandere dev for bringing me here to this awesome game that I must play now. If it weren't for the pedo-ish chara design, I would have bought this. “Theres usually a murderous clown attached to the other end of these.” I understood that reference. My whole grade is watching this. Yes, but i find it hilarious that buying this game could net you that free. it just seems hilarious to me.

Well this was made by the same team who made Magical Diary (which I think is a fucking awful game) but this game has gotten my interest, I'll let you all know what I think of the demo. Funny and informative trailer. That's what I like. Addams family is one of my favourites, this just looks like a cash in. there is only one person in the industry that would of made it justice for the fans, TIM BURTON. i miss Anjelica Huston.

That narrator is BRILLIANT. Adams family RIP was such a great classic until the disgrace of a cheap movie. 0:40 There's usually a murderous clown attached to the other end of these Penniwise reference. Not all japanese devs love DRM, just the big ones like Capcom and Square-enix. Smaller ones and indie devs usually don't care for it. But as someone pointed out there already are a few japanese games on GOG already such as La Mulana, Guilty Gear XX #Reloaded and Guilty Gear Isuka,and SF Alpha 2 and while they are not Japanese in origin they are owned by a japanese company now Wizardry 6-8. 2nd comment. The guys who handled the english version of Recettear said they would love to release on GOG but they feel that it would get turned down at it's current price point, so they may want. while Ys is tricky since GOG has no regional restrictions as such Xseed(who have been re-releasing and translating ys on PC) would need permission from Falcom since the game would be available for Japan through GOG which may take money from Falcom.

What if you wanted to go to heaven But got said: 2:26. I hope this music is just for the trailer, doesn't fit the adams family at all. The ending was everything. You just knew who it was gonna be. Of course snoop Dogg is voicing the only character that cant talk.


Lol Children: Trick or. man reveals himself as scary Children scream. More like the anger of Kang Ho Dong 😂.




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