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12457 votes genres Drama Emmanuelle Bercot countries France abstract In Paris, the photographer Melissa is assigned by the Ministry of the Interior to document the daily activities of the BPM - the Police Division for Child Protection under the command of Chief Baloo. Along the days, Melissa witnesses and takes photos of pedophiles, children and women abusers and befriends the team of detectives, sharing their working days and leaning how their jobs affect their private lives. Soon she has a love affair with the sensitive and emotive Detective Fred

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All the actors are perfect, Joey Starr and Marina Foïs ahead. The children are outstanding as well.


This vivid movie is deeply touching. We taste all the range of emotions : disgust, anguish, laughter ( Eh. I lost my phone. We're seeing the day-to-day life of the entire squad, their personality and bond are all different and very interesting. In my opinion there aren't supporting roles. Each one contribute to the richness of the movie.




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