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release Year: 2017
directed by: Harvey Lilley
Genre: Documentary
story: Judi Dench: My Passion for Trees is a TV movie starring Judi Dench, Robert Hardy, and Michael Williams. Judi Dench embarks on a mission to learn and understand more about the beautiful giants that surround us: the trees

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Judi Dench planta árboles en su jardín para honrar a sus amigos fallecidos. por. Redacción - diciembre 8, 2017. Facebook. Twitter. "Empecé a plantar los árboles con mi marido, el. (Phone) Download From Proxy Get SaberCatHost Where Streaming Judi Dench: My Passion For très complet. Desde hace años, reside en una propiedad de dos hectáreas, rodeada de árboles. "Ahora mi vida se reduce a los árboles y al champán" bromeaba en el documental 'Judi Dench: pasión por. I saw this on PBS years ago. Maybe the best nature program I have ever seen.

Descargar Nine – Una vida de pasión. 5 películas para dar la bienvenida a abril - OKDIARIO. (Phone) Download From Proxy Get SaberCatHost Where Streaming Judi Dench: My Passion For tree hill. (Phone) Download From Proxy Get SaberCatHost Where Streaming Judi Dench: My Passion For très très. (Phone) Download From Proxy Get SaberCatHost Where Streaming Judi Dench: My Passion For très bon.

(Phone) Download From Proxy Get SaberCatHost Where Streaming Judi Dench: My Passion For trees. (Phone) Download From Proxy Get SaberCatHost Where Streaming Judi Dench: My Passion For tree. 1500 year old yew tree - Judi Dench: My Passion.


Had both knees done with a ten year gap. Well worth it. DIARIO DE UN ESCÁNDALO, EN CANAL. The cinamatography in this doc is just freaking amazing,my jaw hung open damn near the whole time ! so good! everything is done cgi now. this took months or years to film, just awesome.


God i hope im as beautiful as judy dench is when im older. Mientras lo hace, el histórico Estudio 5 en Cinecittá Studios, en Roma, se ilumina por los deseos, recuerdos y sueños más evocadores de Guido, que los transforma en fantasías musicales.






HOT MILLIONS with Peter Ustinov! A GLOROUS TREAT, DON'T MISS IT. Damnit I miss this man. Having bi-lateral knee replacements, it is great having someone with a high public profile who is respected, talk about their experience is tremendous. I have found generally, people don't want to know, don't want to be told things like do your Physio prior to your surgery. Everyone one seems to treat surgery as a very personal thing and no one can know what you are going through. I am now 64 and 18 years post op and am currently needing attention on my right knee. I am starting to limp badly, it is still painful with increased pain meds. After having a damaged ITB on the left knee and having it repaired, I am thinking there is something mechanically wrong with the right knee outside the prosthetic. As the pain comes from the main supporting lateral muscles at the back of the knee. Unfortunately I can't see my Specialist for another three months as that is his earliest opening. It annoys me that even with private health, we have to suck it up and wait for surgeons to deem you need intervention. It is pathetic that even when seeing a specialist, as a Joe blow citizens because they are so busy, they loose touch with the fact that you are a person suffering without help because they are too busy and have been taught to never become emotional connect to you as a patient. This makes it difficult to get the message across to your surgeon that you are doing it tough. My damaged ITB was ignored for 18 months. Didn't matter that I couldn't sit on standard height chairs. Had to stand, sometimes up to 90 minutes at the General Practitioner as there were no chairs high enough to sit on. In the real world of not being famous, the struggle of orthopedic patients is frankly, disgusting. But thank you Dame Judi, I am sure you will be of great benefit to patients in their 70s and onward.

I'd like to grow old like that with my besties...
Well, he was Richard the III. 🤔.
I wonder if he'll ever be invited back to The Palace after telling this story.
Yes, fascinating! I think one must be receptive to this type of documentary in order to really appreciate this film. Absolutely fascinating.

I lost it at, Fag-hag! Hahahaha. Maggie Smith is a fantatic actress/actor. I love her to bits. May she go on forever. Harry Potter would have been nothing without her. Sou marceneiro vou corta essa árvore e fazer um cadeira Luiz XV e presentear a rainha Elizabeth II. I really love him. Heartfelt. It shows that this song can be interpreted in many different ways. I still love a beautiful voice in this (Judy Collins, Streisand) but this is just as valid. Thanks, rad doco. The ants r the best i reckon. They are just such a great and wonderful bunch of national treasures! It makes my heart sing with joy to think that these well respected, grounded individuals represent all that is normal, sane and decent in this world! God bless them all - not.

This movie was amazing though <3.


I believe I've seen this documentary before and it's definitely one of the best I've ever seen, footage, commentary and music are all really well done.


Love you Ellen, always make me laugh, hugs from England X.

What awful music for such a beautiful story

Denvor Washington 😂😂😂😂😂😂. Had my 2 knees replaced in may 2018 - my one knee is doing great as of august but i had my right knee tendon rupture and get infected - so it was a long 7 weeks on antibotics intravenous then 7 weeks off. In the awful brace 24/7 on that leg, dr. appoint on 9-11 where they'll aspirate my keg make sure no infection & hopefully get my tendon then i guess another 6=8 weeks of recovery & PT, I live in an pre-ww2 building having 30 steps to get uo & down with my 1 crutch. the PT is real import dame judi is so right you gotta set your mind to just oush thru and do it as my goal is walking into my daughters wedding in march 2019 un-aided. i was bone on bone both knees for yrs. fearing the surgery. DO IT! CHEERS to Dame Judi i wish I saw this yrs. ago, Love you Dame Judi and always love your films.

#WeWantGrahamToHostOscars. She is a national treasure.




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