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548 vote / runtime: 1 h 37 m / year: 2013 / star: Audrey Fleurot / Rating: 6,2 / 10 Stars

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info Sa-nap is a movie starring Toni Rakkaen, Waruntorn Paonil, and Krisana Panpeng. Pueng, daughter of a military Colonel, has planned to spend her married life with Mann, a young Lieutenant with a promising future. On the day Martial; 1 hour, 37 minute; Liked It 190 vote; Drama; Tomatometers 8,6 of 10 Stars

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country=USA / 2017 / Brief=Alexandria, Jake, Caitlin and Veronica, ages 5 to 15, want to change the conversation. They reveal in their own words what it's like to deal with the literal ups and downs of a challenged life. In this intimate verité documentary, four charismatic kids strive for acceptance in a world that is often, at best, indifferent to them. Their exceptional parents search out programs where their children are accepted and feel valued, from clinical services to adaptive skiing. We first meet them all in a unique after-school dance program in Queens, New York. With a diverse group of dedicated teenage volunteers - outstanding citizens in a world where the impulse to exclude, bully or ignore is too often the norm - dancers and helpers work together for a year toward a jubilant spring recital. Thanks to the joy they find in working together, dancers and helpers emerge as eloquent, energized voices for inclusion

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USA Release date 2018 user ratings 7,8 / 10 Scores 25 votes Documentary

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Directed by=Agnieszka Zwiefka; Writer=Agnieszka Zwiefka; Germany, Poland; stars=Denisa Gabor; Release Date=2014

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writed by Martin Khodabakhshian; user ratings 7,3 / 10; Runtime 90 Min; Reviews With two Heisman trophies, two national championships and one crazed fan, the biggest rivalry in college sports, Auburn vs. Alabama, has reached new heights in the last two years; Casts Bill Curry, Gene Chizik

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2017 / Simon P. Edwards / Genre: Horror / User ratings: 5,3 of 10 / Country: UK

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star J. Teddy Garces; Writer Camara Davis; genre Drama; 2013; Summary When a young ex-con joins a prayer group to receive guidance - and the group members discover they have more in common than they thought - their lives are changed forever

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release Year: 2017
directed by: Harvey Lilley
Genre: Documentary
story: Judi Dench: My Passion for Trees is a TV movie starring Judi Dench, Robert Hardy, and Michael Williams. Judi Dench embarks on a mission to learn and understand more about the beautiful giants that surround us: the trees

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countries=India; Nandakishore; cast=Avinash; Mukunda Murari is a movie starring Upendra, Sudeep, and P. Ravi Shankar. A shopkeeper takes God to court when his shop is destroyed by an earthquake; Writed by=Nandakishore

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Casts Thane Rosenbaum; Reviews Helen Whitney's Forgiveness explores the act of forgiveness through a wide range of stories, from adultery and personal betrayal to the post-genocidal reconciliation of nations. In focusing on specific instances of affliction--one family torn apart by abandonment, the post-apartheid Truth and Reconciliation hearings in South Africa or the memories of '60s radicals coping with their violent acts of protest--FORGIVENESS studies the psychological impetus and impacts of this crucial sentiment, illuminating its power, its limitations and, in some cases, its dangers; director Helen Whitney; genres Documentary; release year 2011


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Writed by Clare Niederpruem
Little Women is a 2018 American drama film directed by Clare Niederpruem, from a screenplay by Niederpruem and Kristi Shimek. The seventh film adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's 1868 novel of the same name, it is a modern retelling of the original story and marks the 150-year anniversary of the book's release. The film stars Sarah Davenport, Allie Jennings, Lucas Grabeel, Ian Bohen, and Lea Thompson. It was released in the United States on September 28, 2018, by Pinnacle Peak
Directed by Clare Niederpruem
Duration 1hour 52 minutes


Average ratings=5,1 / 10; Release date=2012; Genres=Comedy; Boy Pick-Up: The Movie is a movie starring Ogie Alcasid, Solenn Heussaff, and Dennis Trillo. There is an underground battle going on in the name of love. The soldiers are all Pikapistas. With pickup lines as their weapons to woo the; Dennis Trillo, Solenn Heussaff


Drama. Audience Score - 84 Vote. La Gran Promesa is a movie starring Juan Manuel Bernal, Ilithya Manzanilla, and Sam Trammell. Sergio, a Mexican war photographer, must steal his daughter after being snatched by a legal trick. But while he gets caught up in this. 2017. Creators - Klaas Bense

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Genre - Documentary
countries - Iran

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